team insomnia

ever had one of those days you really want to sleep but you just can’t? i seem to be having loads of those lately. my resident doctor…i will call him dr. T seems to think its as a result of the manic state i have been in for about two months now….he only knew about it 3 weeks ago and tried ‘clerking’ me…unluckily for him i noticed before he got too carried away. I’ve done a couple of those myself so it was easy for me to recognize he questions.

too much talk abut Dr. T…this bishes might start thinking am having a thing for him. be warned i don’t. but lets just show u a pic of the guy….after seeing him you might deem him worthy of all the talk about him-and you can rate him if you want…don’t be too mean.


i gotta stop diverging or else am not going to finish writing this. the god thing about manic episodes is all the energy psych and life they add to a normal day.i read more, eat less, talk endlessly and if i go out i can dance all night. and the best i enjoy shopping all the more even for thing such as sanitary towels- awesome right??? yeah i so know you are digging are just too mean to admit it.

there’s a down side though…i cant sleep…and if i do i sleep at least 3 hours at most 4 which kinda makes me grumpy unless someone puts a smile on my face immediately i open my eyes. there’s another side to it….i read. like A LOT!!!!!!. I CAN FINISH A BIG BOOK IN A DAY WHILE ADDING TALKING SINGING DANCING AND MUSHENEING TO THE MIX….AND ACADEMIC BOOKS. wah! i think am just blabbering now but am pretty much enjoying this.

there’s something really awesome i wanna write about but first rate this guy then i’ll finish up on it…#its-about-u-bishes…..rate first then i continue



2 thoughts on “team insomnia

  1. i guess i can restrain myself from being mean and give him credit, the doc’s look are averagely on point and him clerking you….. i bet he gon prescribe some really shitty fucked up prescriptions…#.hihihi

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    1. ok…you know i love height and his brilliance is a plus for me……uuuum….uuum… on a scale of 1-10..he is a 7…..then about your mania…..the other things is ok…but be careful about your shopping habits….you may become a shoppaholic IF THERE EXISTS SUCH A TERM….LOL

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