bish love

who can deny sleeping and waking up to the craziest females met aint awesome…and i got extras- i got to hear them sleep talk….what they said I’ll never tel. am keeping to myself. but i gotta say- you guys need to work on that ama your hubbies will find out some really messy shit about your past 😉

a gift from the almighty

the envy of the most mighty

most may never experience

but am glad i get the chance

crazy cook nights

sexy dance nights

even the tears-rare as they are you make special

i don’t know if its the character

i don’t know if its the madness

whatever it is i care not

cause y’all i want

the days together i treasure most

you company better than any before

in all honesty

i treasure thee without measure.

just a dorky piece…I’ll do better once i get some food in my system



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