bish love

who can deny sleeping and waking up to the craziest females met aint awesome…and i got extras- i got to hear them sleep talk….what they said I’ll never tel. am keeping to myself. but i gotta say- you guys need to work on that ama your hubbies will find out some really messy shit about […]

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The best of both worlds as everyone knows is extreme fun!fun! and fun! As i sit and write i can’t help but ponder if it is okay for me to go out on a Friday night and be in church on a Saturday morning leading in praise, introduction or the doxology. This is a thought […]


team insomnia

ever had one of those days you really want to sleep but you just can’t? i seem to be having loads of those lately. my resident doctor…i will call him dr. T seems to think its as a result of the manic state i have been in for about two months now….he only knew about […]

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